Out of the Abyss (Abington)

Prisoners of Velkynvelve
Session 1

::Taken from the view point of Gerome Underfoot::

The fuzziness in my head slowly started to wear off as I came to.  My eyes took longer to focus as I was in a place of almost complete darkness.  The ground hard and the smell or damp fungus clung to the air.  Almost completely naked, iron chains shackled my wrists to my neck, fear began to set in.

The name 'Ilvara' rang in my head with the memory of this woman's voice telling me to, "Do as I am told, and I might survive."  

Where am I?  What happened to me?  I thought I was on the trail of 'The Beast'.  Why do I feel like I have been poisoned?

The PCs awake in the prison of a Drow slave outpost called Velkynelve.  Run by the priestess known to them as Mistress Ilvara.

Desharr - The black panther Tabaxi seems wily and plotting.  His agile movements and wuick thinking help him in tight spots.  

Gerome Underfoot – A mostly greenhorn Forest Gnome to the Underdark, but still wants to use his skills to help his new found ?friends?

Tanalume – The reactive Aasimar is the muscle so far.  Ready to take action at the drop of a …Drow…

Accompanying the horrible conditions of the prison cell:

Ront – A Brutish Orc with a dislike for the Aasimar already.

Jimjar – A friendly Deep Gnome ready to take chances.

Eldeth Feldrun – The depressed dwarf.

Topsy and Turvy – Starved Deep Gnomes that keep to themselves.

Sarith – A pained and disgraced Drow recently in the employ of the slave outpost.

Shuushar – The holy Kuo-toa that stands against violence.

Stool – A small childish sounding Myconid wanting protection.

Derendil – A hulking Quaggoth with a surprising gentlemanly demeanor.

Buppido – A wise and paitent Derro.


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